Diverse stormwater management solutions are available to protect water resources and comply with an evolving regulatory environment. 

Watershed Planning

  • Drainage studies/master drainage plans
  • Flood plain management
  • Flow monitoring and modeling
  • Funding assistance
  • Retention/detention facilities
  • Stormwater utilities

Water Quality Planning

  • Best management practices (BMPs)
  • Green/sustainable infrastructure
  • Low-impact development
  • Stormwater treatment
  • Stream and wetland restoration and mitigation
  • Streambank stabilization and riparian restoration

Infrastructure Design

  • Bio-retention facilities
  • Collection systems management (CSM)
  • Culverts / CSO elimination
  • Pervious pavements and green parking facilities
  • Stormwater wetlands


    Stormwater Utilities are an opportunity to fund municipal stormwater management using fees.

    Mark Delisio, PE

    Senior Project Engineer