Transportation Engineering

CT Consultants provides a multitude of services in connection with roadways, highways, bridges and traffic signal systems.

Roadway/Highway Engineering

CT Consultants provides the professional leadership to successfully navigate required planning and design processes for highway, traffic, bridge and transportation enhancement projects.

Our experience includes a vast array of projects including rehabilitation,expansion and development of new highways, interchanges, urban and rural widening, and bridges.

CT Consultants is committed to providing competent, timely, and quality services to our clients. Design approaches are centered on the development and implementation of alternatives that consider initial capital costs, constructability, safety, aesthetics, long-term maintenance, and overall cost-effectiveness. This approach supports our overall objective to deliver functional value to projects while containing project costs.

CT’s staff has the expertise and experience to prepare construction contract plans for all types of roadway and highway improvements ranging from simple municipal roadway improvement projects to complex interstate reconstruction projects. The firm and staff maintain certifications and prequalifications with state DOTs (ODOT, PennDOT, KYTC) to provide a broad range of skills and with a wide knowledge-base for engineering, right-of-way and environmental services.


CT Consultants has considerable experience for the engineering, design and construction of various types and sizes of highway, railroad and pedestrian bridges and provides a full spectrum of bridge services.

Our staff has successfully completed numerous highway system and local road projects, including over 500 bridges. These include new bridge designs, undercrossings, overpasses, interchanges, bridge widening and rehabilitation.

Bridge design services include bridge rehabilitations and replacements as well as new highway structures, including superstructure and substructure design, foundation design, waterway hydraulics, reinforced earth and retaining wall design, and channel / scour protection design.

Our staff is well experienced in bridge inspections and load ratings, advance planning studies, structure type analysis and alternatives studies, detailed bridge design, seismic retrofit design, and in the development of plans, specifications and construction cost estimates.

Other related services include noise wall designs, bridge lighting, aesthetic and hydraulic channel improvements, and value engineering alternatives analysis.


CT Consultants has the experience and technical capabilities to provide planning and design services for traffic projects. Our in-house staff is trained and experienced in the full range of traffic engineering.

This includes collecting and processing traffic data, developing traffic projections, and conducting safety studies, traffic impact studies, and site planning studies for evaluating the impact of new development on existing roadway networks. We design individual traffic signals, interconnected systems, and complex traffic control systems, incorporating fiber optic and radio/video communication technology.

We provide expert services for a broad range of projects, from a simple warrant analysis for an isolated traffic signal, through the complex engineering and design of state-of-the-art traffic control systems for arterial or grid street networks.

We are equipped with the latest computer software to optimize designs for intersections, traffic signals, and/or interconnected signal systems.