Stormwater Utilities

Stormwater Utilities are an opportunity to fund municipal stormwater management using fees.

CT has assisted communities with implementing a dedicated revenue source and can attest to the benefits it provides and the progress it allows. Property owner fee amount is typically based on an impervious surface square footage evaluation, as more impervious surfaces cause increased runoff into municipal drainage systems and local streams.

Your municipality will want to review its current data on impervious surfaces and possibly capture new data. Digital Extraction (a manual measurement method) has been in place for over 50 years and is highly accurate.

Using artificial intelligence solutions, CT can also explain the benefits and drawbacks of semi-automated measurement. Municipalities should carefully consider AI solutions, including training needed, programming goals, and what quality control system to use.

Stormwater utilities’ long-term benefit is that they generate much-needed revenue for stormwater maintenance with minimal effect on property owners. Once dedicated revenue is available, obtaining external funding dollars becomes more realistic as local revenues can match dollars to various watershed, state, national, and private grant and loan sources.

    Mark Delisio, PE

    Senior Project Engineer