Environmental Consulting

The liability and risk of owning/financing an environmentally impaired site or building can be greatly reduced with our due diligence services.

Whether you’re evaluating environmental risk on a new purchase or assessing compliance concerns on an existing property, our experienced team delivers complete solutions from Property Condition Assessments to Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs to remediation, UST investigations and removals to wetlands determinations, sub-slab vapor testing to vapor intrusion mitigation, and brownfields redevelopment.


Services include:

  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • CERCLA Investigations
  • Drilling
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessments
  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Property Condition Assessments (PCAs)
  • Remediation and Implementation
    Spill Control & Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)
  • Underground Storage Tank Investigations (UST)


  • Determination
  • Delineation
  • Permitting and Mitigation

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs):

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