Planning & Zoning

There are numerous aspects to community planning, and CT has expertise in all of them: Comprehensive Plans, Revitalization Plans, Zoning, and Parks and Open Space Plans.


Comprehensive Plans

CT provides comprehensive planning services to many communities – large and small, urban and rural, cities and townships. Our comprehensive planning approach delivers a superior comprehensive plan that addresses the key issues and is acceptable to the entire community. Our approach blends:

  • Broad-based citizen participation
  • Involvement of public officials
  • Market assessments
  • Alternative development options
  • Community-wide public engagements
  • Detailed implementable strategies

Revitalization Plans

CT has extensive experience in formulating both development and redevelopment strategies and we offer critical insights into the complexities and always changing market dynamics of redevelopment.

Communities are increasingly compelled to find development opportunities on built sites. CT has assessed many by preparing detailed community development plans that include the necessary documentation and strategies to justify public participation in development projects.


CT has extensive experience providing zoning and other regulatory expertise to cities, villages, townships, and private clients. Our experience with zoning/coding services includes:

  • New and updated zoning codes
  • Utilizing best practices zoning regulations to meet specific client needs
  • Developing subdivision regulations, unified development codes, form-based codes
  • Design guidelines and review procedures
  • Reviewing plans for land development code compliance
  • Evaluating the appropriateness of existing or proposed zoning district designations

Parks, Open Space and Preservation Plans

As advocates for the preservation of open space and natural resources, CT has prepared park plans and other open space plans for numerous communities and organizations. We have also prepared zoning regulations and successful grant applications to protect natural resources.

Our firm advocates for smart growth, anti-sprawl measures, and low-impact development strategies that help ensure developed areas remain competitive and rural areas can be truly preserved.

Kristin Hopkins, FAICP

Manager of Planning Services

Planning and Zoning