Annual Street Improvements

Sunbury, Ohio

Commitment to community infrastructure.

As City Engineer or consultant to so many communities in the region, CT often manages the communities’ annual street program. Annual Street Maintenance Programs maintain the public streets in the best possible condition, free from defects and safety hazards. These programs provide the best and most cost-effective measures for all streets both concrete and asphalt. Services include, but are not limited to pothole patching, spot surface repairs, asphalt overlays, street cut repairs, repair of the sub-base, curb and gutter repair and installation, shoulder repair, street, and evaluations.

Annual evaluations of the roadways determine the most cost-effective maintenance treatments in order to enhance and extend the useful life of the pavement. Preventative maintenance treatment utilizes methods to extend the service life of bituminous and concrete pavements beyond the normal life expectancy of an untreated pavement. The treatment selected depends on the age, volume of traffic, and condition of the pavement.

Services can include total and/or partial curb replacement, catch basin repair and replacement, storm sewer repairs, constructing and/or upgrading curb ramps to ADA compliance, sidewalk replacement where necessary, driveway apron replacement as required, milling existing pavement full-width, pavement repair as needed, multi-seal surfacing interlayer, asphalt leveling and surface courses, and new pavement markings.