AJ Jolly Golf Course

Campbell County, Kentucky

The County retained CT to develop a digital irrigation management solution for the golf course.

The irrigation system was managed from existing paper maps that were created from the original as-built information when the system was installed. Using existing county imagery and field surveyed water valve locations. 

CT developed a base map to help tie additional information into the GIS. Paper as-built maps from the irrigation system were scanned and then scaled to this data. Features were then digitized from the scaled maps and added to the base map as line and point features. Additional attribution, such as valve type, date of installation, manufacturer, pipe type, and pipe size, was added to the digitized data. Final data was loaded to ArcGIS Online (AGOL).

This application of GIS provided immediate efficiency gains to the golf course manager and his staff. The AGOL solution allowed staff to take the geo-located information out into the course and more accurately locate, update, and manage irrigation issues. The solution decreased labor time and increased response time on damaged lines or valves.



Photos by Tim Flick, Brian Stieby, and Justin Carabello

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