Aerial Photography and Airborne LiDAR Set the Stage for Community’s Planning Needs

Wheeling, West Virginia

CT’s geospatial team performed aerial photography and airborne LiDAR for the City of Wheeling, WV, and the surrounding area covering nearly 30 square miles.

Ground control was surveyed at targeted locations. Initial delivery was color digital orthophotography at a .25’ pixel resolution, and limited planimetric mapping of the roads and surface utility features. The project was to provide a new base map to enhance and expand the water and sewer utility GIS mapping program.  Components are now in place for design scale mapping anywhere in the coverage including design scale mapping, water and wastewater GIS mapping, and stormwater surface modeling.

8 Flight Lines, 737 exposures, 5cm Ground Sample Distance (GSD)

LiDAR Sensor: Optech Gemini

LiDAR Return: 8 Points Per Square Meter (PPSM)

Ground Control Points (GCP): 120 Targeted Locations

Digital Orthophotos: 140 Tiles at .25’ Pixel Resolution

Road Mapping and Surface Utilities: 215 centerline miles

Services Involved