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Our Culture

Our talent-focused culture is the foundation on which we work. We are intentionally creating a culture where our people can thrive. We are committed to providing the rich, diverse environment and resources necessary to inspire and optimize our people today and prepare and nurture our future leaders.

“We believe practicing self-accountability creates a collaborative environment built on professional pride. We want our staff to be self-driven, and we encourage and support employees to follow a career path that is unique to them and aligns with our vision for growth.”

Dave Wiles, PE

CT at Work

CT Consultants is a growing organization of knowledgeable and passionate professionals who share their knowledge to serve our clients better.

Why do we do the work we do? Community. We positively impact the communities we serve, raise families in those same villages and cities, and build relationships there. Being a part of something larger than ourselves, helping our coworkers, and supporting our clients’ success is what drives our staff every day.

Want to learn more?

For more information, contact Rachel Macedonia,
Manager of Talent Acquisition