Whitehouse Form-Based Code

Whitehouse, OH

Over the last 20 years, the Village of Whitehouse has experienced rapid expansion from suburban growth in western Lucas County. 

Recognizing the need to provide a greater variety of housing options while retaining its small-town atmosphere, the village conducted planning studies to guide updates to the municipality’s zoning regulations.

In 2018, Whitehouse completed the SR 64 Corridor Vision Plan, which included a conceptual plan for the desired future neighborhood and mixed-use development along SR 64 on the village’s east side. Then, the village retained CT and EDGE to prepare a Form-Based Code that codified the fundamental elements of the Corridor Vision Plan.

The project included a regulating plan and illustrations depicting the overall development vision. CT drafted regulations based on EDGE’s illustrations and discussions with village staff. The regulating plan included aspects of Building Form Standards such as build-to-lines, required building lines, and building type designations.

The village’s SR 64 East Corridor District incorporates many elements of a form-based code, including numerous illustrations and civic space requirements, public plazas, and a trail connected to community open space. It also is compatible with the rest of the Whitehouse Zoning Code. Village Council adopted the new district in 2020.

Photo above courtesy of Whitehouse, Ohio

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