Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Wheeling, West Virginia

Fast track, nine-phase improvement plan to address CSOs and aging infrastructure (2011-ongoing).

The City of Wheeling needed a fast-track phased improvement plan for the Wastewater Treatment Plant to obtain financing from ARRA, enabling the City to replace the aging infrastructure and comply with Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long Term Control Planning (LTCP) requirements.

The improvements included a primary clarifier replacement, a new automated aerated grit removal system, a non-potable water system upgrade, replacing the centrifuge conveyor and sludge pump, a secondary aeration system replacement and many more equipment upgrades. Evaluations performed included various options for plant process upgrades to increase flow capacity and maximize treatment; resulting in replacing the influent pumps to maximize capacity based on existing piping and drives. The first of nine phases of improvements is complete and Phase II improvements are currently underway.

Phase II involves reducing the number of CSO discharge locations by 20% and the removal of several sources of storm water from the combined sewer system. Additional critical treatment plant equipment that has reached its end of useful life will be replaced, resulting in improvements to the hydraulic conditions in the sanitary sewer system and increased visibility of treatment equipment.

Services Involved