Waterworks Rd Storm & Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phase 1

Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Helping with required improvements for eliminating SSOs.

CT has extensive knowledge of Waterworks Road and Fort Thomas in general, not only with the replacement of the combined sewer, but many of the critical coordination items, including but not limited to existing utilities, maintenance of traffic, and requests from the City.

Additionally, with our experience as the City Engineer for Fort Thomas, we have performed multiple projects on Waterworks Road, most recently including the survey, design, bidding, and construction administration of three pier walls in 2016.  We have coordinated with the local utility companies and residents of this corridor multiple times throughout our tenured history in the City.  Over the last two years, CT has worked with the City and the local utility companies, including Sanitation District No. 1, in coordinating any necessary utility work prior to the City’s proposed 2020 paving project of Waterworks Road.

Services Involved