University Square Blight Determination Study

University Heights, OH

CT completed an in-depth study for University Heights to support its redevelopment strategy for a deteriorating multi-level retail center with an attached garage. 

University Heights, an inner-ring suburb of Cleveland, competes with several suburban locations for occupancy of its retail buildings. Studies show that properties that are not maintained have a negative influence on surrounding parcels. Despite efforts by the city to work with the owners of the retail complex, the property suffered a severe decline following the 2008 economic crisis.

The purpose of the study was to document the extent of blighting influences on the city from the continued neglect of the University Square Shopping Center. As a result of the study, the City of University Heights was able to provide public assistance for a redevelopment project that would convert the three-story retail spaces to much-needed multi-family units and demolish a portion of the attached five-story parking garage.

Services Involved