Town Center Overlay District

Bedford Heights, OH

CT created new commercial districts tailored to each commercial area within the city.

CT completed a comprehensive evaluation of the city’s administrative review procedures and non-residential zoning districts. This review and update of the city’s zoning code included evaluating the relevance and application of the current zoning districts and the application of conditional uses.

CT recommended that more specific development standards and criteria be included in the city’s zoning code to ensure these less predictable conditional uses are appropriately cited.

CT also evaluated the current administrative review procedures to determine what procedures should be more fully described in the code and what other procedures should be modified or established as supplemental operating procedures.

In addition, CT created new commercial districts that are tailored to each commercial area within the city. As a part of these new districts, CT drafted design guidelines that are appropriate to each new commercial district. CT also assessed the city’s existing sign regulations for conformance with case law.

Services Involved