Tower Park Amphitheater, Shelters and Facilities

Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Revamp of the popular park includes a new amphitheater, restroom building,
plazas, and two picnic shelters.

The Tower Park amphitheater was built with a grant the city received for park improvements. CT helped by designing an affordable venue to replace the old bandstand. The structure itself was the first of two phases.

The arched wave shell of the structure is now a design feature emulated in all future park structures. When designing the amphitheater, CT took several cues from the surroundings. To give the impression of a theater stage, the back wall symbolizes a stage’s curtain folds.

The stage design uses cost-effective lighting to wash with light in certain areas to emphasize this symbolism. The lights are used to enhance the musical performance by changing color or following the music’s beat.

The amphitheater also provides a 400 sf green room complete with a restroom for the performers. Phase two of the project involved the design and construction of landscaping and plazas for the audience and the construction of two picnic shelters, one of which was designed with a fireplace to promote shelter use in early spring and into late autumn.