Wastewater Treatment Plant & Collection System

Sunbury, Ohio

Exploding growth creates a need to triple wastewater treatment capacity.

Growth and development in Delaware County and the Village of Sunbury counties meant they faced the challenge of meeting growing wastewater needs. The wastewater treatment plant was overloaded, and studies had shown that future development would triple the current capacity. The community also faced the discharging of their waste into Prairie Run, a tributary of the City of Columbus’ Hoover Reservoir, which serves as a source of drinking water for a portion of the Columbus population.

When designing the plant, the team considered infiltration and inflow (I/I) to establish better peak flow capacity. As a result, CT designed a wastewater treatment plant with 1.5 mgd capacity and 4.5 mgd peak-flow capacity and recommended improvements to the collection system to further reduce I/I.

CT worked with the OEPA to reduce nitrate loadings into the Hoover Reservoir by utilizing Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR). The Village’s successful anti-degradation review was attributed to strong communications by CT to keep developers, the public, and the City of Columbus informed throughout the process. A previous study had not considered the BNR issue; however, designing and implementing this technology was critical to the approval and ultimate discharge into the reservoir.

The design of the Sunbury WWTP has provided for continuing growth and development opportunities while protecting the water source for Columbus residents. NOTE: Images show current conditions.