Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Sunbury, OH

Priorities were designing high-quality recreation facilities, providing connections, developing the necessary funding mechanisms, collaborating with other recreation providers, and protecting Sunbury’s natural assets.

The City of Sunbury has grown significantly due to the outward migration of development in the Columbus region.

Sunbury retained CT to create a Parks and Recreation Plan to identify needed/desired improvements to the parks, recreation facilities, and trails. The plan included concept plans for three of the existing parks and an implementation plan that identified vital short-term action steps and cost estimates.

CT worked with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Committee to develop the plan. We conducted a community open house to gather input from residents and stakeholders to establish priorities for improvements to the existing parks and recreation facilities. This input was critical to developing a community-driven approach to the decision-making process.

The priority goals for improving the city’s park system centered around five subjects:

    • Designing high-quality recreation facilities
    • Providing connections
    • Developing the necessary funding mechanisms
    • Collaborating with other recreation providers
    • Protecting Sunbury’s natural assets

Services Involved