Stavic Bike Trail Improvements

Lowellville, Ohio

CT secured a $309,400 TAP funding grant on behalf of the Village for Phase 1, which is designed to begin construction in Summer 2024.

​CT obtained a planning grant from Eastgate on behalf of the village, used to pay for the feasibility study for the entire existing Stavich Trail, which included assessing the trail’s overall condition, identifying alternatives for improving it, estimating the costs of the selected improvements, and identifying potential funding programs to help pay for the construction.

The existing trail connects New Castle, Pennsylvania, to Youngstown, Ohio. It is an asphalt-paved trail constructed in the early 1980s with an average width of six feet. The Village of Lowellville acquired the property from First Energy for the project, which has been a very good partner over the years.

The Pennsylvania section of this trail was improved more recently than the Ohio section. Cyclists using the trail have expressed that the Ohio sections need to be significantly improved for rideability.

CT is designing the village improvements along the riverfront, creating sizeable regional improvements for recreation and ecotourism.

The village is currently seeking funding via Eastgate’s MAH-River of Opportunity Project for the remaining phases inside the village’s corporate boundary, estimated to be $945,800.

For more information and updates, visit ODOT’s site.

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