SR 63 Signal Management System

Monroe, Ohio

Traffic signal management system with ITS components and expansion capabilities.

This project involved the design of improvements to construct an Econolite® Aries traffic signal management system with ITS components and expansion capabilities for a central controlled signal system along SR 63. The  design included fiber optic interconnect infrastructure for communications with the traffic signals, upgrading the controllers, system detection design for traffic responsive operation, illuminated street name signs, battery operated uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), curb ramp upgrades, CCTV IP cameras for traffic management, and design of a refuge island crosswalk and lighting.

We took manual turning movement counts at each intersection and analyzed them for capacity and signal warrants. We used Synchro®/SimTraffic® software to develop coordination timings for the system and optimize traffic flow. CT The project delivered programmed traffic controllers  set up to operate in traffic-responsive mode, which dynamically chooses timing patterns based on volumes and directionality of traffic.

Services Involved