The Mary & Al Schneider Healing Garden

Cleveland, Ohio

CT as sub-consultant for the landscape design of a healing garden adjacent to the Seidman Cancer Center for patients, survivors, family members, and staff.

A garden wall separates the garden nearby busy streets while also allowing patients from the adjacent hospital to look into the garden from multiple levels. Spiraling outward from the center is an accessible granite labyrinth. This multicursal path can be used for specific events or as a walking meditation path. Moveable furniture encourages gatherings or finding a shady place to reflect. A snow-melt system (using reclaimed steam) combined with illuminated LED walls ensure that the garden remains vibrant during Cleveland’s long winter months.

As the associate landscape architect, CT staff worked closely with landscape designer Virginia Burt on design detailing, grading, planting, submittal approvals, permitting, and construction observation during the implementation phase.

Services Involved