Roadway Improvements

Cheviot, Ohio

CT Consultants, as Cheviot’s Municipal Engineer, design roadway improvements.

The improvements are in the northwestern area of Cheviot, along the following roadway sections:

  • Alma Ave. from Glenmore to Davis – 480 LF
  • Davis Ave. from Harrison to Woodbine – 950 LF
  • Delmar Ave from Harrison to Homelawn – 2,450 LF
  • Olivette Ave. from Harrison to Woodbine – 1,000 LF

All streets (excluding Alma Ave between Delmar Ave and Davis Ave) had:

  • Full-depth repair of failed pavement areas
  • Total curb replacement
  • Replacement/reconstruction of catch basins as necessary
  • Replacement of all grates with Type L vane grates
    Replacement of drive aprons
  • Modification or replacement of curb ramps to the current standards
  • Installation of new curb ramps where needed
  • Repairs of sidewalks as needed
  • Pavement grinding and resurfacing with 3″ total intermediate and surface courses
  • Placement of a stress-absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI)
  • Installing the necessary pavement markings

Alma Ave, between Delmar Ave and Davis Ave:

  • The complete removal of the existing asphalt
  • Placing a 6″ asphalt base with 1.5″ intermediate and 1.5″ surface courses of asphalt
  • Removal and replacement of curbs and sidewalks as necessary
  • Curb installation
  • Replacement of driveway aprons
  • Inlet adjustments or replacements
  • Adjusting the utility castings to grade and installing the necessary pavement markings