Former Riverside Hospital Site

Toledo, Ohio

The continuity of the team working on the site was invaluable to its development. Our team was involved with the property for over ten years and knew the safety issues involved with the project.

CT Consultants was the construction manager for a building demolition at the former Riverside Hospital site for the City of Toledo. The former Riverside Hospital site was over 15 acres in size and consisted of various buildings constructed between the 1920s and the 1980s. 

The project included:

    • Demolition of the former hospital site improvements, buildings, and tunnel that connected the basement to another facility.
    • Removal and modifications of underground sanitary utilities and stormwater system.
    • Removal of associated asphalt parking areas and roadways.
    • Site restoration. 

In addition to construction management services, we prepared asbestos abatement and demolition specifications for abatement activities. We performed a Voluntary Action Program (VAP) Phase I Property Assessment (PA), an Asbestos Survey, and an underground storage tank (UST) investigation and closure for two 10,000-gallon diesel USTs at the site.

Before demolition, we conducted a Hazardous Materials Survey to evaluate aboveground storage tanks (AST), chemical containers, mercury switches, fluorescent light tubes, and ballasts in each building. The survey identified 21 thermostats with mercury switches, all located within the south tower, and approximately 880 polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-containing ballasts. In addition, we identified electrical capacitors and transformers throughout the site as PCB-containing. We also noted a total of 9,400 fluorescent light tubes in the buildings.

In the demolition design phase of the project, we:

    • Reviewed existing documents
    • Conducted an inspection of the site 
    • Prepared an assessment report of the conditions
    • Prepared design plans, abatement specifications, and preliminary cost estimates  

Our team coordinated bid packages to interested demolition contractors, conducted a pre-bid conference and post-bid interviews, and prepared a recommendation for the demolition contractor for TPS. 

We provided a field superintendent during construction activities to ensure the work followed contract documents. The field superintendent was responsible for site visits during construction, scheduling weekly job meetings, preparing and distributing meeting minutes, and preparing bulletins and Change Orders as necessary. 

Services Involved