Reidlin Road Stabilization

Taylor Mill, Kentucky

CT worked with Geotechnology, Inc. to provide design drawings for a drilled shaft wall to stabilize the impacted section of Reidlin Road. CT coordinated the design of associated roadway improvements with the pier wall plans.

Slip had begun on Reidlin Road near the intersection with Grand Avenue in the fall of 2018. After placing fill and regrade in the area, the city contracted Geotechnology to conduct soil borings and a geotechnical study to determine the underlying cause of the slip.

The city authorized a project in September 2020 of an approximate 136 LF 24” diameter drilled shaft pier wall and associated roadway and drainage improvements. CT coordinated the utility relocations to be completed concurrently with the design, which allowed the wall construction bid and the roadway improvements bid to be a part of the 2021 Street Program contract, allowing for a more competitive unit pricing. CT worked with the City Public Works Department to perform the drainage installations to reduce overall project costs.