We performed the Contractor Quality Control Management, Inspection, and Testing for Runway 14/32 and Runway 01/19. Runway 14/32 is 2.6 miles long and Runway 01/19 is 1.8 miles long.

Each runway was removed in its entirety. The full-depth replacements included associated ramps and taxiways. Full-depth reconstruction included both concrete and asphalt concrete pavement sections.

All construction activities were performed while the other runway at the base remained active. Our services included:

  • soil compaction testing
  • airfield lighting
  • electrical inspection
  • soil classification testing
  • soil-cement mix designs
  • concrete mix designs
  • asphalt mix designs

All testing and reporting procedures were in strict accordance with United States Air Force specifications for Airfield Pavements.

We also established a government and USACE-validated on-site laboratory testing facility. Our team developed concrete mix designs to meet stringent airfield pavement specifications.

Services Involved