Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Mainline Pavement Reconstruction Projects 2013 – Ongoing

Various Counties, Ohio

The successful design of projects totaling $250 million in construction.

Since 2013, CT has designed the reconstruction of five segments of Ohio Turnpike. For each segment of reconstruction, typically about 5 miles, the scope of work included the completion of an initial field investigation to review the condition of drainage structures, pipes, bridge structures, culverts, and existing roadway slopes to allow the Turnpike Commission to address design concerns outside pavement limits prior to the preparation of design documents.

Preliminary engineering services included the review of crossover locations to establish project limits, field survey to provide accurate horizontal monuments and vertical benchmark information, geometric evaluation of interchange ramps to meet ODOT design criteria, and utility company verification. Provided management of all design elements, including highway design, drainage design, bridge inspection, bridge design plans, traffic control, and maintenance of traffic plans.

Pictures are one of the mainline pavement replacement projects that we designed for the turnpike which will involve an Open Road Tolling System.  There will be two lanes dedicated to traffic that can utilize a high speed open road tolling system.  OTIC will have four (4) of these new Open Road Tolling Plazas along the turnpike.

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