Ogdensburg Gauge House for the USACE Detroit & Chicago Districts

Ogdensburg, New York

The existing house is constructed near a sheet pile seawall located along the St. Lawrence River and is in disrepair. 

CT Consultants performed a geotechnical subsurface investigation at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ogdensburg Gauge House. 

The geotechnical investigation aimed to determine and characterize the subsurface conditions at the NOAA gauge house regarding the design of foundations for a replacement structure. The subsurface investigation included two test borings drilled by our team utilizing an ATV-mounted CME 550X drilling rig. 

The boring locations were identified in real-time using a Trimble® hand-held GPS unit. Along with GPS surveying, we subcontracted with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. (GPRS Inc.) to scan the ground around the boring locations to determine the location of utilities, sheet pile seawall anchors, and any other obstructions. 

Soil samples were collected at 2½-foot intervals to a depth of 20 feet below the existing grade and generally at 5-foot intervals. Samples were returned to our laboratory to perform testing for the investigation.

Our final report contained:

    • A description of the procedures
    • The results of the subsurface investigation
    • An engineering analysis
    • Design recommendations for allowable bearing capacities

It also included California bearing ratios and modulus of subgrade reactions about the suitability of the subgrade materials to support the proposed work.

Services Involved