Municipal Engineering

What does it mean to be a municipal engineer at CT? Well, it means many things.

The municipal engineer is an exciting leadership role because as a member of a community’s team, the municipal engineer helps drive decisions to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses. The municipal engineer plays a high-profile role in the community and within CT; they are a significant contributor to community concerns and are well respected.

Our clients face challenges related to changes in population, aging infrastructure, environmental threats such as flooding, increased use of new technologies, and business growth needs. They turn to CT’s experienced engineers, resources, and multi-discipline services to solve any or all of these situations. Transportation is particularly critical, as it connects the residents within a community and that community to its neighbor. Above- and below-ground infrastructure can be decades old, and integrating new improvements with existing ones can present complex challenges. Because failing infrastructure can be costly, CT helps our clients with both long-term planning and funding.

CT’s municipal engineers might contribute to:

  • Designing public works projects
  • Helping attain federal, state, or local funding
  • Overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures, roads, bridges, and stormwater/wastewater systems
  • Evaluating the environmental impact of plans and providing recommendations
  • Conducting studies of traffic patterns and utilizing technology to alleviate issues or support improvements
  • Preparing or presenting plans, proposals, environmental impact statements, or property and right-of-way needs to the community
Being a municipal engineer at CT means working on projects from neighborhood improvement programs to pavement ratings to recreational projects while tangibly contributing to improving the community. It means finding the alternatives and options that will prove vital to a project’s success. Our clients hope to enrich their residents’ lives, even in the face of challenges, and CT helps them achieve this. To be a part of that is incredible!
At CT, municipal projects can include:
  • Bridges
  • Construction Administration
  • Ecological Services
  • Funding Support
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Public Parks and Trails
  • Roadways and Highways
  • Stormwater Systems
  • Streetscapes and Downtown Revitalization
  • Traffic and Transportation
  • Water and Wastewater Facilities



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