Meredith State Trail Development

Delaware County, Ohio

Delaware County has developed various sections of trails over the years, with support from agencies such as the Delaware County Friends of the Trail. These trails provide recreation and transportation options for public health and safety.

Meredith State Trail (approx. 8,600 ft):  design and construction documents were prepared including the centerline  design of the trail, plans and details for intersections with existing public roads, improvement plans for existing drainage along the trail, notes, and specifications necessary to complete the 10’ wide asphalt-surfaced trail with standard AASHTO-specification berms, details, signage, barriers, etc.

Plumb Road to Galena Section (approx. 5,800 ft): master planning, design and construction documents were prepared for this key segment of the Ohio to Erie Trail that runs through southern and eastern Delaware County.

CT’s trail design services included the design of a proposed bridge overpass over the new 3C Highway, the creation of interpretive opportunities through the bird sanctuary, and the identification and design of rest areas along the shores of the Hoover Reservoir. In addition, environmental and wetland studies and survey work were included in our scope. Construction is scheduled in stages to avoid the nesting habitat and nesting periods of several species of birds native to the sanctuary.

Services Involved