Main Street and Parrot Street Intersection Improvements

Mt. Vernon, Ohio

Improving 2,000 ft of roadway and intersections.

The intersection of Parrot Street and Main Street was signalized with a span-wire configuration and no left turn phases. Left turn lanes were added both north- and south-bound to provide relief for the through traffic that was often blocked by the high volume of left-turning trucks.

To add to the complexity of the intersection, an at-grade railroad crossing is about 100 ft west of the intersection, so railroad pre-emption was added to the signal installation to help prevent vehicles from stopping on or backing up onto the tracks.

With overhead electric and many underground utilities, a two-pole mast arm design was installed to minimize the number of foundations that may impact the existing underground infrastructure. This project improved 2,000 ft of roadway, added a mast arm signal, new waterlines, and a low retaining wall.