Magee Marsh Shoreline Protection Rehabilitation

Lucas and Ottawa Counties, Ohio

The large-scale erosion control and barrier rehabilitation project 6,817 linear feet of existing shoreline revetments. 

CT Consultants performed a geotechnical subsurface investigation for the Magee Marsh Shoreline Protection Barrier Rehabilitation project in the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area along the shore of Lake Erie’s western basin.

A preliminary subsurface investigation in September 2019 evaluated the feasibility of upgrading a section of the existing natural armor stone revetment system. Once ODNR approved the conceptual plans, we planned a final subsurface investigations program consisting of 14 supplemental borings.

The investigations provided additional subsurface information focused on demarcating and collecting undisturbed soil samples of a problematic existing layer of highly compressible weak organic soils encountered during the preliminary subsurface investigation program under the current revetment system.

Our team evaluated the subsurface conditions and performed settlement and global stability analyses for the proposed armor stone revetment. We followed ASTM D 1586, ASTM D 1452, or ASTM D 6151 for test boring samples and ASTM D 1587 for the Thin-Walled Shelby Tube Samples, which provided relatively undisturbed samples for soil strength testing.

Services Involved