Lake White State Park Boater Education Center

Waverly, Ohio

The design of this facility and the retractable doors allow for year-round use.

Lake White State Park, managed by the Division of Parks and Watercraft, contains 92 acres of land and 337 acres of water, which
is primarily used for fishing and boating activities. The park’s original boathouse had fallen into significant disrepair and was no longer being used. It was demolished to make way for this new facility.

ODNR hired CT to provide a new facility that would provide storage for equipment for educational and training programs, restroom facilities, and a pavilion area. The wood-framed structure includes 820 sf of storage, two single-use accessible restrooms, and a 1,200 sf pavilion area. CT redid the existing parking lot to provide maximum parking spaces. The site also includes a new flagpole and new landscaping to replace the existing, deteriorating paved areas.

Photos by William Manning Photography