WWTP Headworks Improvements

Geneva, Ohio

These improvements will significantly decrease the likelihood of pumps at the plant being clogged. The plant operates at a much higher level with post-process water cleaner than EPA regulations require.

The City of Geneva operated a wastewater treatment plant that was permitted for an average daily flow of 2.0 MGD, with a maximum flow of 5.0 MGD. Detention time in the previous aerated grit tanks exceeded Ten States Standards at normal operating conditions, which resulted in excessive organic material settling out with the grit.

This headworks project included new, tighter mechanical screens to help remove items such as disposable wipes, rags, and other large debris before they come into the plant and mechanical grit removal systems. The building includes built-in screenings channels, bypass channels, influent and effluent channels, and metering channels, which have helped handle large I&I events.