Comprehensive Plan Update

Fort Thomas, KY

The multiple-committee structure provided the opportunity to delve deeply into developing the community plan.

CT and Human Nature collaborated with the city on a year-long planning project to prepare its first Community Plan. The Fort Thomas Community Plan (FTCP) is an update of the city’s 2005 Comprehensive Plan, focusing on coordinating with neighboring communities for mutual benefit, including transforming Alexandria Pike (US 27) into a regional smart corridor.

The planning process engaged hundreds of residents, business owners, and local developers through more than 50 committee meetings, community forums, online surveys, and social media outreach to formulate the various strategies and investment priorities included in the plan.

CT and Human Nature led six different committees, each with a specific topic:

    • land use
    • parks and recreation
    • transportation and connectivity
    • public utilities and city-owned facilities
    • regional collaboration and partnerships
    • funding/implementation

Each committee was structured to include an elected official and appointed commission member as co-chairs. The multiple committee structure provided the opportunity to delve deeply into developing concrete park improvement plans, brainstorming reuse strategies for various public facilities, and hammering out potential redevelopment opportunities to strengthen the city’s traditional business districts, all with the overarching goal of building on the city’s history and existing development patterns centered on the original Fort Thomas.



First image above courtesy of Fort Thomas.

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