Frohring Meadows Park Enhancements

Geauga County, Ohio

Features a new parking area with a bioretention basin, two picnic shelters, a small plaza with seating and a fire pit, a small restroom, and new trails to complement the existing park.

The two new picnic shelters provide views over the wetland area and allow separate groups to use each shelter. Each shelter is connected to the fire pit area that has large natural stone seat walls. New trails were connected to the existing trail system and are both asphalt and gravel, enabling visitors to take the longer path through the meadows or a shorter, more accessible asphalt trail encircling the wetland area for birding activities.

The bioretention basin captures stormwater runoff, providing time for it to percolate into the ground, reducing the amount of stormwater, sediment, and other pollutants. Native wildflowers were installed in the bioretention basin and around the shelters for easy establishment, low-maintenance, and ease of adapting to the existing conditions.