Franklin/Hilliard Phase V Traffic Signals

Lakewood, Ohio

CT developed traffic signal plans to upgrade 13 traffic signals along Franklin Boulevard and Hilliard Road corridors.

During the initial traffic study, it was discovered that one existing traffic signal was not warranted, and a traffic signal removal analysis was conducted.

CT redesigned the lane assignments and pavement markings at the un-signalized intersection to accommodate the new stop condition. A temporary stop-condition was installed at this location, and the existing signal was removed and placed in flash operation to gauge public reaction.

This project also required coordination with the school district and ODOT due to planned improvements at Lakewood High School.
An additional signalized school driveway was designed to accommodate a new school parking lot access drive onto Franklin Boulevard just west of Bunts Road.

Several traffic signals along Franklin Boulevard in the vicinity of Lakewood High School were given extra consideration in order to provide smooth progression along the corridor during school peak hours.

Services Involved