Fort Thomas Zoning Ordinance Update 

Fort Thomas, KY

The review and update of the City’s Zoning Ordinance included evaluating the relevance and application of the current zoning districts as well as creating new districts that align with the city’s comprehensive plan.

In 2018, CT completed a new comprehensive plan for Fort Thomas, KY. To support the implementation of the comprehensive plan, CT evaluated all provisions in the city’s existing Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances to determine their suitability for being retained, modified, or deleted. CT evaluated the Zoning Ordinance’s format and organization and developed a more user-friendly format by consolidating related standards, adding tables, and including graphics.

CT analyzed residential variance data over five years to understand why so many variances were requested. CT developed revised residential development standards that more closely mirror the city’s existing built environment and place-based non-residential zoning districts to realize land use goals and objectives.

CT conducted interviews with key stakeholders to better understand the current Zoning Ordinance’s concerns and explore potential solutions. CT facilitated regular meetings with the Planning Commission to discuss policy options and educate the Commission and the community about relevant zoning topics. CT conducted multiple informal community sessions so residents could learn more about the update and provide feedback on proposed provisions by the Planning Commission.









Photo credit (2nd) UrbanCincy and (3rd) WikiVoyage

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