Water Storage Tank

Dresden, Ohio

Improvements were completed in preparation for economic development and new regulations.

The Village of Dresden had utilized an Imhoff Tank for primary settling and a trickling filter for secondary biologic removals. Concerned about the coming limits to phosphorus and wanting to be ready for potential growth, the Village decided to enhance the treatment processes for both their liquid and solids streams. A mechanical fine screen, an oxidation ditch, improved secondary clarification and ultraviolet disinfection replaced the existing treatment systems, which helped them meet their sizing and treatment goals.

The biosolids treatment process was greatly enhanced. All solids now settle in the antiquated Imhoff Tank and are pumped directly into transport vehicles and treated at other plant facilities, making the Village dependent on the control of others.

The new plant improvements included re-using the trickling filter structure as an aerobic digester and then pumping to a rotary fan press for biosolids dewatering.

The water separated from the biosolids during the press process contains no more than 5% solids, making this device an efficient means to dewater the biosolids. The rotary press is a contained system, meaning that no odors escape to the atmosphere and all water washing is done within the machine enabling the press to remain clean and free from damaging effects of moisture and off gas.

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