Cranberry Run Stormwater Master Plan Phase 1

Boardman Township, Ohio

Comprehensive stormwater management and master planning alleviate decades of problems.

The ABC Water and Stormwater District identified Cranberry Run, a 2,754-acre sub-watershed off the Andersons Run/Mill Creek HUC 12 watershed as its most problematic area within Boardman Township. Constructed between the 1950’s and 1970’s, the Cranberry Run sub-watershed was designed with little to no stormwater management. Homes were built within the floodplains, and streams were lined with stone channel walls to increase velocity and remove runoff. Much of the sub-watershed drainage systems consisted of culverted storm sewers.

Phase 1 of our four-phase approach served as the basis for all subsequent phases of the master plan, but more importantly, it provided ABC District with an understanding of the condition, criticality, and risk associated with their system.

Watershed mapping used advanced mapping software and tools in the Arc Esri Hydrology toolset. Once CT mapped the watersheds, we worked with the district to identify known problem areas and determine preliminary critical extents. We digitized critical extents in an ArcGIS Online (AGOL) geodatabase, with other available data sources used to refine the critical extents. In the AGOL database, we created inspection tickets for crossings, basins, open streams, and culverted streams.

Our field inspection crews completed conditions inspections and developed maintenance recommendations for each asset identified within the critical extents of the system. Concurrently, criticality was determined for each asset. When inspections were completed, we used condition and criticality information to calculate risk and rank assets within the system. CT oversaw CCTV services provided by a separate contractor. We incorporated the condition and criticality from these televised sections of culverted stream into the risk analysis.

Phase 2, model development is currently underway.

Pictures in slideshow are of current conditions.