Clyde “Butch” Seidle Community Pool

Hilliard, Ohio

The City of Hilliard wanted to offer its residents an updated, ADA-compliant pool house. They saw an aging facility and a steep decline in memberships at this location, with the other community pool at the opposite end of town.

The new 3,900 sf bathhouse includes locker room areas, restrooms, office space, entrance area, concession, and a break area for lifeguards/lunchroom. Site work included repairs to existing sidewalks and new sidewalks. The bathhouse also has a new filter system for the new splash pad.

Clyde “Butch” Seidle, then Hilliard’s Public Service Director, understood the value of bringing in architects early when considering a project, and CT was thrilled for the opportunity. We kicked off the project with a design charrette and visioning session with key stakeholders, then met on-site to define and prioritize the city’s programming needs.

The CT team then came up with a design plan, and it was back to the city building for another dynamic exchange of ideas, vetted on the spot. Picture CT’s preliminary drawings on the meeting room wall with velum over them, markers at the ready, redesigning spaces as the ideas came. “These visioning sessions and the community outreach helped the pieces come together quickly because we engaged the client in concept and design from the beginning,” said Mike Anderson, CT’s senior architect and project manager.

After serving the city for 15 years, the pool house was the last project Butch Seidle worked on for Hilliard. The city chose to rename the facility to the Clyde “Butch” Seidle Community Pool House in his honor. And you don’t have to look any further than those first minutes in the new pool to see how much the community enjoyed the grand opening! See: