Cleveland Harbor Eastern Embayment Resilience Strategy (CHEERS) Design & Permitting

Cleveland, Ohio

Advancing CHEERS to construction documentation and permit coordination.

This project intends to advance the Cleveland Harbor Eastern Embayment Resilience Study (CHEERS) to construction documentation and permit coordination while delivering multiple benefits, including:

    • Dredge disposal
    • Creating an aquatic and terrestrial habitat
    • Protecting the existing highway infrastructure
    • Improving multi-modal connections
    • Enhancing the lakeshore as a community asset

A geotechnical subsurface investigation is being conducted to evaluate the properties of the underlying soils concerning the proposed development. A drill rig and crew will advance test borings into the underlying soils to collect soil samples and perform in-situ tests.

Fifteen (15) test borings are required for the proposed development. Six of those borings will be in Lake Erie. We will use a floating barge platform and tugboat to complete the water borings. Additionally, we are conducting lakebed sediment testing following the Ohio OPA requirements.

Site reconnaissance of the project site and location of the land and CDF borings are being performed, including observing and documenting the existing conditions along the shoreline. We will also prepare design and construction recommendations.

For updated information on this project, visit the CHEERS site here. CHEERS Study Area Map courtesy of Cleveland Metro Parks.

Services Involved