2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Canfield Township, OH

In 2018, Canfield Township was the fastest-growing community in Mahoning County and was at a critical point in its history.

The Township Trustees agreed it was essential to be proactive in planning for its future to ensure that the characteristics that attracted people and businesses to Canfield Township were not lost because of its success.

The trustees retained CT to assist with the Canfield Township 2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The 12-month systematic deliberative process involved a 21-member Citizens Advisory Committee.

The critical components of the plan are maps identifying the priority
development areas and priority conservation areas based on land
suitability, and areas of the township where rural character exists, and
should be conserved.

The Strategic Action Plan identified action steps related to:

    • Regulatory control: adopting/revising regulations and enforcement procedures, primarily the Township Zoning Resolution.
    • Administrative actions: including enacting or expanding programs.
    • Capital improvement projects.
    • Partnerships and collaboration: including taking intentional action to collaborate with other organizations and/or other governmental agencies.

Services Involved