ODOT’s PID 104156 at Brush Creek

Monroe Township, Ohio

Resolving roadway damage and slope instability at Brush Creek Road.

CT Consultants worked with Stantec, who was awarded the design of ADA-041-21.42, PID 104156, ODOT programmatic for ODOT District 9.

We performed the subsurface exploration, including instrumentation using inclinometers, and prepared plans to remediate a roughly 500-foot slope failure.

The project, on the east side of SR 41 with a drilled shaft retaining wall, consisted of 3-ft diameter drilled shafts, spaced 5-ft on center and embedded 10 feet in the underlying bedrock. The surface elevation of the roadway was generally 55 ft above Brush Creek, with a moderate degree of slope steeper than 2:1 in some areas.

In addition to the wall, the design included a guardrail, drainage, and pavement repair.

Services Involved