Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio

Asbestos surveys, environmental site assessments, and remediation.

Since 2005, CT has provided certified asbestos inspectors to inspect, quantify, and collect bulk samples of ACM and presumed ACMs (PACMs) throughout 105 buildings and underground tunnels located on both the Bowling Green and Sandusky (Firelands) campuses.

Our team conducted surveys in both occupied and unoccupied facilities. Crews worked to minimize disruption to the campus and student activities.

In addition to the survey work, we developed abatement cost estimates and recommendations for each facility inspected, with detailed budget estimates for removing ACM.

During redevelopment, we identified petroleum-impacted soils and two possible USTs. According to historical Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, previous occupants of the site from the 1920s to the 1960s included a machining company and a ketchup manufacturer. Soil borings were advanced in the area utilizing Geoprobe Systems® to evaluate the full extent of the petroleum-impacted soils.

BGSU remediated the site by excavating the impacted soil and disposing of the material at an approved landfill. We performed confirmatory soil and water sampling and air monitoring during the excavation to verify that neighboring properties (primarily residential) were not exposed to elevated levels of volatile organic vapors.

Recently, we performed fieldwork, conducted asbestos surveys, and managed projects for the Saddlemire and Centrex Buildings at BGSU, with ongoing projects for other buildings.

All photos courtesy of Bowling Green State University.


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