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CT Teams with ABC Water & Stormwater District for STEAM Program

Boardman Local Schools acquired a grant through the STEAM program, which builds research capacity and advances knowledge in education and STEM education and learning. Students leverage both hard and soft skills to solve problems.

Through a partnership with the ABC Water & Stormwater District and CT Consultants, the teachers chose to develop a curriculum segment that introduces industry professionals to the students in workshop-style settings. The students can learn through real-world applications to complete their projects.

ABC’s Forest Lawn Stormwater Park was the perfect opportunity for CT’s Mark Delisio and MaryAnne Hejna to volunteer their time to work with the students and staff on their projects. Ideas could impact Stormwater Park’s design, including; permeable pavement, bioretention/rain garden design, pollinator gardens, public engagement and feedback surveys, water quality sampling, tree selection and planting, and creative related artwork.

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