CT Consultant’s tip of the month walks you through how to successfully insert Georeferenced Orthophotography in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

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Accompanying Instructions:

Attach Method
Insert tab > Reference panel > Attach  

Inserts references to external raster images using georeferenced frame polygons. The bottom left of the frame is the image insertion point and the bottom right is the image scale/rotation point.

Mapiinsert (Command) Method
Inserts references to external raster images using an image correlation data source such as an external World file or embedded spatial information (GeoTIFF).

World file
An ASCII format file containing image georeferencing information (pixel size in map units, rotation angle, and the map coordinates of the center of the upper left pixel). The world file should reside in the same directory as the image file.

World file naming examples:




A TIFF image format containing spatial reference information embedded in the header of the file.