Structural Services Broaden at CT Consultants

CT Consultants is excited to announce Brian W. Starrett, PE, SE, has joined the CT team as Senior Structural Engineer.

With 27 years of experience in structural engineering, Brian has a reputation with clients of masterfully handling complex structural needs and providing creative, efficient solutions. He is a registered professional engineer in 22 states and a licensed structural engineer in five, giving him a broad understanding of building codes. His expertise includes all structural framing systems, such as concrete, steel, pre-engineered metal, wood, and masonry.

Brian accumulated expertise through projects he has worked on, the knowledge gained over his career, and his relationships in the industry. He has designed 12,000 sq ft homes, too many commercial structures to count, hospitals, and parking garages. Brian excels at property condition assessments that some of CT’s clients need to consider for their aging facilities. After building his career from project engineer to vice president, he joins CT to grow our structural services.

In just the short time he has been with CT, he has already found candidates to grow our structural staff. Brian will also be positioning CT to perform structural projects independent of our engineering or architectural projects. CT’s vision and approach to our projects were of particular interest to Brian when he chose to join CT and grow the structural services we offer.

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