Water Treatment & Distribution Services

CT Consultants has provided a wide variety of water system engineering services to our clients.  Our Water Resources Group is responsible for services associated with:

  • Distribution System Analysis
  • Design
  • Construction and System Start-Up
  • Operations and Maintenance

Project Profile: Wheeling Water Treatment Plant

The City of Wheeling began planning a project to replace the City’s 90 year old water treatment plant. In July 2013, the City of Wheeling broke ground on its new $31 million Water Treatment Plant. CT served as the lead engineering consultant to the City, designing the new 12 mgd water treatment plant to be capable of meeting the existing and planned drinking water regulations under the USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act.

CT Consultants served as the lead engineering consultant to the City of Wheeling for the design of a new membrane filtration plant and high service pump station. Read more about this project here.


Our staff has a wide range of experience including:

  • Source Investigations
  • System Modeling
  • Water Main Extensions
  • Water Main Replacement and Rehabilitation (including cleaning and lining)
  • Pump/Booster Stations
  • Storage Tanks
  • Treatment Plants

CT has considerable experience in planning, designing and supervising the construction of water system facilities. In-house computer capabilities enable us to rapidly analyze alternative configurations for water distribution systems. This capability allows us to input a system’s configuration and then determine deficient areas or requirements to serve new areas and/or processes. CT utilizes modeling programs which can assist in analyzing supply and pressure problems as well as water quality concerns.

Our staff has designed booster pumping stations to meet varied applications. The designs are usually the result of computer hydraulic modeling that determines normal flows, pressures and fire-fighting requirements. Our experience includes booster stations designed for underground, in-line and above-grade structures inclusive of all controls and telemetry.