Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

CT Consultants is an industry leader with our first-hand experience with many alternative treatment technologies such as membrane biological reactors (MBR) and other innovative approaches to wastewater treatment.

CT staff developed the plan and design for the first large scale MBR treatment facility in Ohio after research and inspection of these facilities in Japan in February 2002.

Our staff has demonstrated to clients that capital cost and operational savings can be realized by the implementation of MBR. These conclusions have been confirmed by actual operational data once the facility has been constructed and made operational.

MBR technology is an efficient method to treat wastewater. It requires less aeration tankage and eliminates the need for final settling tanks, separate return sludge pumping facilities, and tertiary filtration. Additionally, preliminary treatment before the MBR process reduces and/or optimizes the overall treatment with fine screening and grit removal as the only preliminary process units required before the MBR activated sludge process.

CT staff participate in various local and national conferences and industry organizations to remain educated on MBR technology development and to educate the professional community on MBRs. Additionally, our senior design engineers with significant background in MBR treatment have been published in local and national wastewater publications.