Surveying and Goegraphic Information Systems (GIS)

Land Surveying

CT Consultants’ survey crews are equipped with the latest technologies to provide quicker and more accurate surveys to save our clients time and money. We provide a full range of surveying services, including:

      • Boundary
      • Easement
      • Right-of-Way
      • Topographic
      • Location
      • Title
      • Construction Baseline and Layout
      • As-Built
      • Aerial Ground Control
      • Submerged Land Leases

Although technology continues to improve and allow information to be processed more efficiently, the accuracy of the survey still depends on the knowledge and experience of the people involved.  This is where CT Consultants excels with our survey crews averaging more than twenty years of experience.

Goegraphic Information Systems (GIS)

CT Consultants has developed programs for clients specifically to meet GIS requirements and has also created GIS programs developed from gathered as-built data from current working projects allowing for a cost effective solution for integration.

Projects, plans, studies and operations can benefit from today’s GIS technology.  GIS software compile data, maps, and as-built drawings with the  invaluable ability to visualize, interact and manipulate an issue or situation.  The use of GIS in comparison to a traditional spreadsheet of facts and figures allows for easy understanding and visualization of a situation to quickly develop accurate evaluations, plans, and sound decision making.  GIS also captures this information into a safe, universal environment and allows the client to share the data for years to come.