CT Consultants offers comprehensive planning, revitalization and zoning services to a wide range of communities – large and small, urban and rural, cities and townships – and development services to the private sector.  The firm’s professional staff includes trained urban planners that possess diverse professional backgrounds and extensive experience in formulating, writing, and implementing community plans and land development regulations and successfully securing the appropriate approvals for private clients.

With an experienced staff and practical planning strategies we are able to integrate our client’s vision by facilitating discussion and building community consensus through citizen groups, public bodies, focus group as well as more extensive strategic steering committees with supplemental task forces.

Community Planning Services

Our comprehensive planning approach delivers a superior comprehensive plan that addresses the key issues within a community and has broad based community acceptance. Our approach blends:

  • Broad based citizen involvement;
  • Involvement of public officials;
  • Market assessments;
  • Community needs compared to community aspirations;
  • Alternative development possibilities;
  • “Smart Growth” Principles; and
  • Detailed implementation strategies.

Neighborhood / Commercial Revitalization

Communities are often compelled to identify new development opportunities on currently built sites.  CT works with local governments, community development corporations, and private developers on these revitalization strategies.  CT has responded to this trend through the preparation of detailed community development plans including data documentation, strategy development, and public participation in this redevelopment process.  CT has experience in formulating these redevelopment strategies with the necessary critical insights into the ever changing market dynamics and redevelopment complexities.

Zoning Services

Zoning regulations control the use of land and the development of buildings within a community.  CT has extensive experience providing zoning expertise to cities, villages, townships, and private clients.  Our staff works with the community to establish and revise regulations in line with a community’s specific short and long-term planning goals. Additionally, guidance and representation is provided to private clients seeking development opportunities within communities.  Our experience with zoning services includes:

  • Preparing new and updated zoning codes;
  • Utilizing “best practices” zoning regulations to meet specific client needs;
  • Reviewing plans for zoning compliance;
  • Evaluating the appropriateness of existing or proposed zoning district designations;
  • Providing expert testimony

Development Services

CT provides planning and zoning services to the private sector clients – for projects on small sites to large projects on several hundred acres – which may include:

  • Preparing site  plans for commercial, office, industrial and residential – both conceptual and final;
  • Undertaking market feasibility analysis and fiscal impact evaluations;
  • Providing supporting documentation for effective applications;
  • Providing expert representation at community meetings to secure necessary project approvals.

Chardon Comprehensive Plan

Green Comprehensive Plan

Red Creek Commons

Clinton Comprehensive Plan

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